Artist Lecture at the Wyoming State Museum



 Cutting and Pasting Our Past: A Critique of Early American History Through Collage Art



Time: 7-8 p.m.

Place: Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, WY

Date: Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016




Artist E.K. Wimmer will discuss his collage series Special Topics, which will be on display at the Museum. Created during an artist residency in 2014 at The Ucross Foundation, this series is comprised of eighteen collages produced with images taken from century old encyclopedia sets. Hundreds of carefully hand-cut graphics from frail pages were used to express a revisionist history of the United States. Using images as archetypes, Wimmer was able to consider topics that include subjects ranging from the discovery of America and the treatment of Native Americans to slavery and Manifest Destiny. The work adds to the conversation on what is already a wide ranging interpretation of a complex, dark, and often violent period in our nation’s history. Join E.K. Wimmer as he discusses the creative process of the Special Topics series as well as a larger conversation on our ever evolving analysis of